Armor Games can help share your game with the world on a curated stage. We make it a top priority to ensure our players receive one of the highest quality web gaming experiences available, and an integral part of that is supporting and spotlighting talented developers - like yourself! Details on features/implementation of our API can be found on the left.

Your game on Armor Games

Don’t be a stranger, we want to play your creation! Share your game with us and how we can play it, along with any cute pet photos to mygame@armorgames.com.


We currently accept only HTML5 games; as well as the ability to host your game in <iframe/> if it's multiplayer, an MMO, or other special cases.

How does Armor Games support developers? ($$$)

Some options that we regularly consider when supporting games are:

  • Our branding + Your Game - We offer a range of compensation for you to include the Armor Games logo and links back to our website on your game. Clang clang!
  • In-game Purchases - We support in-game purchases within your game as a feature of our API. We'd love to discuss that option with you, reach out if you're interested.
  • Timed Site Exclusivity - For branding all future versions of your game with Armor Games branding/links and a limited period of site exclusivity, this is one of the highest paying options. We can offer unique incentives for the privilege. Let's talk. <3

Don't see what you're looking for?

Reach out! We are happy to talk further options that might support your game and development. You can reach us at mygame@armorgames.com.