AGI Error / Status Codes

Both error and success conditions are implemented as standard HTTP status codes. As a convenience, these same codes are also implemented in the body of the response using the code property. The following are a list of codes currently used:

Code Description
200 OK
Standard Response for a successful request. However, it doesn't necessarily mean you
received exactly what you were expecting. (See expired token)
400 Bad Request
This occurs if a required parameter is missing or not in the expected format.
401 Unauthorized
This occurs when the API Key is missing or invalid.
403 Forbidden
This occurs when trying to access a secure resource insecurity (ie using HTTP
when you need to use HTTPS).
404 Not Found
Occurs if the URI is malformed or the target resource is not available.
405 Method Not Allowed
This occurs when an unsupported method type is used to request a
resource (ie using POST to access the Authentication Service).
415 Unsupported Media Type
This occurs when a resource is requested in a format that is not
supported (ie something other than JSON or XML).
500 Internal Server Error
Occurs when something failed during the request and we cannot provide
a more specific code. In these cases see the message property for further details.
503 Service Unavailable
The service is temporarily offline.
504 Gateway Timeout
The service had an internal timeout from one of its upstream servers.