Friends Service

The Friends service returns user data for all the friends of the given user ID (aka uid). The uid is passed in as a URL path element while the API key is passed as a GET parameter.


GET{{ uid }}.json


Requests to the Users service require the following parameters.

Name Description
api_key 32 hexadecimal digits (UUID)
An access key is unique to each game.
limit Limit how many friends are returned.
Default to 500, Max is 500.
offset Offset for current friends list.
If a user has 1000 friends, you would do one request with limit=500, offset=0 and
another request limit=500, offset=500.
page Instead of offset you may use this page param as a paginator.


  "version": 1,
  "code": 200,
  "message": "OK",
  "payload": [
      "uid": "2d1a888522ac3b1753a05667927870c3",
      "username": "user_one",
      "avatar": "",
      "gender": "Female",
      "created_on": "1198082452",
      "plays_game": "0"
      "uid": "c2b0ce53de54593bc19456e542637e34",
      "username": "user_two",
      "avatar": "",
      "gender": "Female",
      "created_on": "1200423194",
      "plays_game": "0"