What is the AGI?

The Armor Games Interface (AGI) is the API that we make accessible to people hosting games on our website.


Our documentation uses AGI and API interchangeably. It's the same thing!

To get started, visit our developer portal to create your game. You’ll be given an API key that you can use to access AGI services. The Armor Games development site also offers a testing environment in which you can “play-test” your game and inspect all the various AGI service calls that are being invoked while it is running. Once the AGI has been implemented within your games' code you can use the variety of tools our back-end offers to implement such-as:

  • Save Games
  • Onsite Quests (Website Achievements)
  • In-game purchases
  • Google Analytics and SEO traffic management

Please use the navigation on the left to find more specific documentation and code examples of how they are used for your appropriate language. Feel free to reach out to us at mygame@armorgames.com if further questions arise.